Men In Progress


For ages, we’ve been told to be a man.
But actually, what does it mean to be a man ?


In 2018, Air won the budget for the French men's fashion brand Jules (Mulliez Group), after a final round pitting the Brussels agency against Parisian Buzzman and Fred & Farid. The brand and the agency initially thought about a radical change in positioning, making Jules' commitment to a better world the cornerstone of its identity and marketing strategy. Here, neither woke nor green washing: Jules walks the talk. The goal is zero waste fashion that is qualitative, sustainable and made to last. And the ambition is to create a movement of men who are conscious, positive, sensitive and ready to change, including their masculinity.


All this is summed up in 3 words in a new brand platform and signature: "Men In Progress".


To carry its message loud and clear, a TV spot emblematic of progress. The one-minute spot attacks the major male stereotypes and deconstructs them shot after shot to finally sketch out the possibility of a "man in progress". Emotional, vegetarian, environmentally conscious but nevertheless supportive and in love...
Jules is opening up the debate by teaming up with Ben Névert, a French YouTuber and creator of "Entre Mecs": a group of buddies discuss various topics related to masculinity, such as "being a good lay", "dating", "break-ups"... To be continued.


Jules calls for a better behavior, a more eco-responsible behavior, a more socially inclusive behavior. With its range of Eco-responsible products made of recycled materials and/or made from bio compounds.

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