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How is life in Brussels? Ask a Brussels citizen.


In November 2015, after Brussels was linked to the Paris terrorist attacks, the international media portrayed the city as the capital of terrorism. Many tourists then cancelled their trip., the capital's tourist office, therefore wanted to change this negative perception.


The people who are really able to accurately portray life in the city and highlight its qualities are the inhabitants themselves. How is life in Brussels?


We installed 3 billboards in Brussels with integrated telephone: one at the Mont des Arts, another at the Place Flagey and a third at the town square of Molenbeek (where some of the Paris terrorists lived, including Salah Abdeslam). A bannering campaign was then launched on travel sites across Europe. From a website, people living abroad could choose one of the billboards and make free calls to ask Brussels residents what life was really like in Brussels. Through a live broadcast, people could see the person answering the phone as well as the surroundings.

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