Forever Confined

AG Insurance

After the first month of confinement, AG puts the spotlight on a major problem.


In 2020, the global pandemic of Covid19 reached our country resulting into a national lockdown.
During this heavy period, lots of Belgians were experiencing depression due to loneliness and isolation.
Nevertheless, studies showed, that many Belgians already suffered from loneliness before the lockdown.
AG decided to act.


AG thought that these lonely people could not be forgotten by the crisis.
Together with the Air agency, which has put its Go With The Curve document into practice,
the leading insurance company is launching a solidarity initiative that invites Belgians to give a little of their
time to support associations that fight loneliness on the ground.


The platform “All together against loneliness” saw the light.
On this platform, a series of concrete tips for people suffering from loneliness and for people willing to help:
How to help on a daily basis? Which associations are looking for volunteers? What to do when you are lonely? Why is it important to get help?
To support the action and raise public awareness, two spots (30''and 60'') have also been broadcasted.


The films were produced with agility under extreme constraints due to the lockdown:
the team was reduced to a strict minimum, the entire process was supervised remotely by the agency and the advertiser, and the actors played at home with their families.

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