La fête des darons


À tous les darons, les père(s), les beaux-pères et les mères qui jouent au père aussi.


For Father's Day, Jules and Air continue to deconstruct the clichés of masculinity and decide to celebrate the "dads in progress".


These fathers who may not know anything about TikTok, but who don't refuse to take an interest. Dads who aren't ashamed to show off their swimsuit despite a non-existent tan.
Fathers who have never touched a surfboard, but who willingly give to associations for the protection of the oceans. Dads who can't pronounce "LGBTQIA+" in its whole, but who have a good grasp on the concept of no-gender clothing.


The film is guided by a text, written in collaboration with the Brussels producer and rapper Krisy, and recited like a father's day poem. It tells us about the moment when one becomes a daron.
That moment when a man, in addition to being a father, starts not to pay attention to his style, is no longer at the top of the trend, is a little clumsy with the new social networks ... In short a “daron”.
Except that this time, a man also has the choice. The choice to be a daron who is not afraid of progress. The choice to be a father who doesn't say "it was better before", but who commits himself to make it better tomorrow. The choice to be a "daron in progress".

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