Always Welcome


Born to be wild or Born to be mild ?


In Belgium Leffe has long been the leader in speciality beer, but its dominance is now being challenged by the competition and it is in danger of being caught between the ‘savouring / taste’ benefits of speciality beer and the ‘social / refreshment’ territory of premium lager. Leffe needs to create a strong personality and re-establish its authenticity if it is not to be seen as a commodity / safe, everyday choice.


To reinforce the authenticity and taste credentials of Leffe so it remains competitive within the highly developed speciality beer category and does not become a commodity.
To own the art of hosting: Know how to prepare something special (like a Leffe) for those you welcome.


The art of hospitality has always been anchored in the genes of Leffe. Since 1240, the monks of Leffe Abbey have opened their doors to passing pilgrims, offering them hospitality and a beer. To reinforce its authenticity, Leffe brings back the sens of welcome in its positioning through a platform named: “Always Welcome”.
To portray this, a film produced by Hamlet playing on the sense of welcome of the Fathers of Leffe, whomever rings at their door, even bikers.

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