Better mondays


If the idea of going to work on monday ruins your week-end. It’s maybe time to change.
Don't let Mondays ruin your Sundays.


Partenamut is one of the leaders in the mutual insurance sector. Its growth, very high customer satisfaction and digital advances and its digital advances are proof of this. But, the company does not carry a brand image as an employer. Partenamut was willing to operate a real switch in perceptions in order to become, for new talents in the market, a true first choice.


Today, we no longer aspire only to earn a living, but also to give it meaning.
So for Partenamut: making health accessible on a daily basis, that creates meaning.


The Monday-Phobia.
Being anxious about being Monday reflects the mindset you have about your work which is often related to the lack of meaning you give to it. Most of the time we ignore this feeling, but what if it is actually a signal that your work is simply not making you happy or happier?
Together towards better Mondays.

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