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Realize today those small jobs that you put off until tomorrow.


So simply is a digital platform designed by AG Insurance to make everyday life a for Belgians by offering them a fast, safe and efficient solution for their small household chores.
Their need was to make it known to the general public, define a tone of voice and design and create a real brand identity.


The insight came from a simple observation: when people are faced with problems requiring small jobs such as a water leak or a squeaking door they tend to always put it off until later because : "using a trade is often synonymous with wasted time and headaches."


It was therefore necessary to insist on the ease of use of So Simply, hence the slogan "So quickly done, So well done".
In order to build brand recognition and to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we have chosen to use a humorous tone of voice by caricaturing procrastination.

AG Insurance: SoSimply


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