Le Soir

We’ve never been so much informed. But also disinformed.


Le Soir, an emblematic newspaper in the Belgium, wanted to review and modernise its brand image. Indeed, in a very short period of time, the interaction between people and information has hugely evolved and it was therefore logical to review our approach in terms of communication.
At the same time, and to support this modernisation, Le Soir wanted to promote various new features such as the redesign of its website, the start of its podcast or its digital subscription.


Today we live in a world where information is everywhere, all the time. Where sources are countless and impossible to verify. This environment creates enormous confusion among people who no longer know how to tell true from false.
In this campaign, we have decided to emphasise that behind the articles of Le Soir there are professionals who investigate, research, cross-check and question with the aim of transmitting simple, complete and easily understandable information to its readers.


In this campaign, we wanted to highlight the work of these journalists with a simple but meaningful line: "When information is complicated, Le Soir helps you to decipher it.
We also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to give meaning to the blue rectangle that has surrounded the logo for the past 20 years, which could be seen as a fluo stroke highlighting the main information: Le Soir

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