Whatever you’re afraid of. We’ve got your back.


Due to Covid19, we have all been stuck at home, shops and services have been experiencing a lower down availability and accessibility.
In this context, Partenamut was willing to confirm its accessibility in order to reassure its customers. Wathever the channel, Partenamut is there for its customers, with a focus on real service, real help that they will be able to receive.


Clammy hands. Stammering. Increased heart rate. Trembling. Excessive sweating. If you experience these symptoms before making a phone call, you probably suffer from telephobia. But, rest assured, you are not alone. At Air, several people suffer from this same pathology.


So, for the new campaign designed to highlight Partenamut's unfailing accessibility, Air has decided to reassure telephobes as well as anyone wishing to contact the Belgian mutual insurance company: whatever your preferences, at Partenamut you will always find a means of contact that suits you.
So if telephoning gives you the cold sweats. Don't worry, contact Partenamut by e-mail, by appointment via video-call or in branch, via the app, and even by carrier pigeon... Okay, for the last one, maybe not. If some people are afraid of the telephone, others would like it to ring more often. Here again, Partenamut is there to help and proactively contact those who need it.

Partenamut: Phonephobia


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