Listen To Your Body

Ligue Cardio

Yawning, sweating, hitching,...Our body talks to us constantly.
Listen to what he has to say. It might save you one day.


Stroke is the second cause of death in our country, this pathology affects 19,000 people each year. To avoid the worst, it is essential to know the symptoms, and to react quickly by calling 112.


In the event of a stroke, the body sends clear signals that something is wrong. Not detecting them when the sun is shining a little too hard can have serious consequences, but not listening to your body when you have a stroke can have irreversible consequences.


In order to raise awareness among a wide audience, Air has chosen to use analogy. This new campaign features the daily worries of a protagonist who is a little too lax when it comes to his health. Sunburn, blistered feet, hangovers, burn out... These events that everyone can encounter could be avoided if we listened more to our bodies. It speaks to us every day, but we must listen carefully.

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