Balance Ta Gêne


No discomfort. No complexes.
Throw away your embarrassment with Cap48.


For CAP48, as a the main player raising awareness regarding the integration of people suffering from disability in our society, seeing disability with open mind and tolerance is key. Unfortunately, in a day to day situation, disability is more often wrongly portrayed. Each year, CAP48 raises awareness in the context of their annual fundraising campaign. In 2018, the theme was the behavior with disability within a familial context.


When you are close - parent, sister, brother, friend - to a person with a disability, you are used to the difference to the point of forgetting it. It no longer bothers us and we behave "normally": without embarrassment, without discomfort and without complexes. We can even laugh at the disability, as we would laugh at the color of our hair or the size of our feet. Aren't humor and laughter tangible signs of inclusion?


In the new campaign imagined by Cap 48 and Air, we asked people with disabilities and their families to replay cult scenes from films that have contributed to changing our view of disability. Replayed with pleasure, emotion and uncomplicated and very communicative laughter. To be shared without embarrassment on radio, TV, ads and social networks.

CAP48: BalanceTaGêne

Huitième Jour

CAP48: BalaneTaGêne


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