Bonne nuit. Bonne route.


Stop Scrolling. Start Sleeping

AWSR: Bonne nuit. Bonne route.

The end of Instagram






1 accident out of 6 is caused by drowsiness at the wheel.
The aim of this campaign was to massively reduce this number
by raising awareness among motorists of the impact that sleep deprivation can have when driving.


The path used to deal with this subject is often that of the "power nap". Trying to convince people to stop at a highway area to recuperate.
Here we wanted to use another entrance door, one level above. Instead of taking breaks, just sleep more at night.
Indeed, according to a Eurostat study covering 18 countries, Belgians are the second biggest consumers of screens outside work. Practices that considerably reduce our sleeping time.


We therefore wanted to become anchored in the daily lives of motorists and make them aware of the importance of sleeping and the futility of activities that prevent them from sleeping and therefore indirectly put them at risk.
 - Scrolling on instagram
 - Answering your emails
 - Play a mobile game
 - Watch a small episode more
There are so many activities that keep us awake though: "One less episode is one hour more sleep”.

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